Thursday, August 2

Main Stage Concert

Growing up the daughter of a music teacher, Kat Perkins has been singing, dancing, and
performing for just about as long as she can remember, and when it comes to ‘DRIVE’ – she is an undisputed expert.

Maybe it’s because she grew up in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota – a town so small the population only recently went from “unincorporated” to 281. That meant a lot of things, including that the nearest rock show was always hundreds of miles away. To get anywhere, a girl like Kat – literally and figuratively had to have DRIVE.

Almost as soon as she stepped off the stage of her high-school graduation, she went 600 miles east to Minneapolis, MN – where her enormous talent and undeniable stage presence carved out a place for her on both the music and theater stages of the Twin Cities. Those who saw her as ‘Columbia’ in the Twin Cities’ Hit production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show are STILL talking about it.

A different kind of drive took her overseas where she proudly performs – as recently as Christmas – for our troops serving in the Middle East. In fact, it was a road-weary night on the way home from a military show that Kat gave an impromptu performance around a piano in an airport in Amsterdam – a video that went viral, and Hollywood took notice.

A year later, she had not only been invited to audition for THE VOICE but went all the way to the TOP 5 where her coach, Adam Levine said what many had said for weeks: “Kat Perkins is hands down one of the best singers we’ve ever had on The Voice.”

The conclusion of the show was hardly an end as she now travels the country, performing, and sharing with kids her unique message of remaining determined, fearless, and following their dreams.

Her first single ‘Fearless’ hit #5 upon release on iTunes with her latest single ‘DRIVE’ charting within 24 hours of its release.