Demolition Derby

The Brown County Fairgrounds in Mt. Sterling will be the place to be on Saturday, August 2, at 7:30pm as the ever-popular Demolition Derby returns to the grandstand arena. Ramer Race Promotions of Mendota, Illinois will again organize the destruction for this annual clash, bringing more destruction to the event for the delight of demolition derby fanatics.

The main events of the evening will be the any year “Fair Class” and “Bone Stock” autos. The Fair Class is for any year of manufacture automobiles that have been slightly altered from their original factory production. A variety of aftermarket, specially prepared parts for demolition derby action may be added to these autos, but it is NOT an “anything goes” competition, and rules will be strictly enforced.

The “Bone Stock” class vehicles are stock autos with very strict rules that allow for no modification of manufacturer’s original production. This is a very easy class for the beginner demolition derby driver to start in, as a car for the event can be prepared in a very short time. Basic car preparation consists of removing all glass from the auto, moving the battery and fuel tank, and wiring the doors, hood, and trunk deck in place.

In addition to these classes, the fair will also have the mini van demolition derby and the pickup truck derby. Both classes offer hard-hitting excitement that you have to see to believe. Those pesky minivans are quick and entertaining as they barrel down on each other trying to land the final, knock-out blow and the sound of half ton pickups crunching together will definitely be an experience for the audience can almost feel as well as hear and see.

A special class for the smaller cars will also offer entertainment as these cars spin, chase, and finally crash each other out around the arena.

Prize money for the evening will be a minimum of $2000 split between the five top vehicles in each class. Trophies will also be awarded to the top five in each class as well as special awards for superior showmanship in the mud-filled arena.

A special added bonus for drivers has been added this year as an incentive to participate in both the Brown County Fair demolition derby on August 3, and its neighbor, the Adams County Fair Demolition Derby on August 1. Any driver who enters into both competitions in any class, will be entered into a special drawing to be held during the Brown County Fair show. Five lucky participants will be awarded $100 each, just for participating in these shows, no matter where they place in the evenings’ events.

Paul Ramer of Ramer Race Promotions is a 40-year veteran participant of the sport of demolition derbies. His company brings fast paced action to the show that levels the playing field giving opportunity to any driver to take home the big prizes. Rules are strictly enforced and every driver is treated equally when they pass through the inspection lane.

The entire staff of Ramer Race Promotions are all very familiar with the workings of a demolition derby as the majority of the officials have years of behind the wheel experience in the sport. In addition to the Brown and Adams County Fairs, Ramers promote several other shows for fairs in northern Illinois and southeastern Missouri, as well as hosting the Northern Illinois Championship in September, at their home fairgrounds, the Tri County Fair, in Mendota, Illinois.

Rules and entry forms for the August 2nd event at the Brown County Fairgrounds in Mt Sterling can be obtained by contacting Ramer Race Promotions by phone at 815-539-5321 or through their web site at . All rules for car building are posted on the web site. Those without Internet access may pick up a copy of the rules from the Brown County Fair’s Secretary office, or have them mailed or faxed to them by contacting Ramers.

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