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Open Talent Show

We’re excited to have you show off your talents at the Brown County Fair! We welcome anyone from any county! The Open Talent Show will begin at 6pm on Tuesday, August 1.

Click here to register.

Contact Kimberly Kestner for more information. 217-371-2582 or k.kestner19@gmail.com

Rules & Information:

  • Limit of 3.5 minutes per act.
  • Age Limits & Divisions
    • Mini Division: 8 & Under (this division does not compete at the State Level)
    • Junior Division: 14 & Under
    • Senior Division: 15-21 years old
    • Age range of competition. Two divisions are set by IAAF State Rules: Junior cannot be 15 by Oct. 1 of the competition year and Senior cannot be 21 by Oct 1 of the competition year.
  • A group’s average age will determine the age division.
  • Professional entertainers may not participate.
  • No entry fee for the contest, but everyone attending will pay all gate fees as applicable.
  • Show will provide sound, lighting, and handheld microphones only. Acts must provide all other equipment and props.
    • All acts must provide their own musical accompaniment if needed. Record accompaniment may be in CD or digital form using an iPod or like technology. If music does not play, the act will be disqualified if a 2nd copy cannot be produced in a timely manner.
  • Contestants are limited to three acts. Acts must be of different types or groupings. Contestants may be limited to one-two acts each if acts of competition exceed the limit.
  • A ladies changing room is provided behind the stage.
  • Judging will focus on the quality of talent (ability, technique, projection, skill in performance), creativity (something new, unique, or original), showmanship (confidence, stage presentation, poise, expression), & entertainment value (engaged the crowd, overall effect).
  • Winners of each division will perform at the Queen Pageant later in the evening.
  • Practice time will be Sunday, July 31st at 3pm (Subject to change with timely notice.)
  • All entries must be received by rehearsal Sunday, July 31st to enter. If the show limit has not been met the Director might allow late entries. There is a limit of acts. If the limit has been met, priority will be given to Brown County entries.
  • An entry can only represent one county fair at the State Competition.
    • First place winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions will advance to the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs State Talent Contest (IAAF) to be held in January following the show. If the winner cannot perform or is ineligible to perform, the 2nd place winner may be invited to compete.
    • IAAF State Talent Contest fee will be provided by the Brown County Fair Association.
    • IAAF State Talent Contest rules can be found online.
  • If you have won another county competition this year you may not compete.
  • Liability statement: The Brown County Fair Association, Talent Contest committee and its sponsors will not be held liable for any injury or damage to person or property that may occur during practice or competition. You practice and compete at your own risk.
  • If contest rules are not followed, the act will be disqualified, and all awards will be forfeited.